What You Need To Know About HIV and AIDS

world-aids-dayThere is an ongoing battle between human and HIV or AIDS these days and most of the time, it is because of the lack of the right information about the matter. People should be more educated in this subject than just inject them with fear so they know what to do even before the disease hits them. There is still no known cure for AIDS, although there are hopes that it could be gotten from another human being who is immune to the disease.

What is AIDS exactly? It is basically a disorder in the blood caused by the human immunodeficiency virus also known as the HIV. It is often transferred during sexual intercourse and once it does, it will penetrate in the blood attacking the body’s immune system.

This will make the body more vulnerable to diseases and prone to many known and even unknown complications out there. If you are not wise enough having a sexually active lifestyle, it is best to stay abstinent or at least know a thing or two about safe sex. It has already killed a lot of people over the years and right now, 60 million people are recorded to have been stricken by it.

If you don’t want to be a part of the statistics, here are the things that you could do to avoid it in case you have an active sex life. First is you have to be responsible to wear protection whenever you do it especially if you are going to do it randomly. It is not exactly something that is really wise to do random sex but if you really can’t control, wear a condom every time you will have the urge to do it. Although, it may not be guaranteed to be safe because condoms could break, this is so far your best bet.

Another thing is make sure to know your partner first. It would probably be awkward to ask for their medical certificate and see if they are really clean, but at least you don’t have to second guess if he or she might have infected you with something. There are other sexually transmitted disease that could be passed on to you if you are not careful like herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and crabs just to name a few. Once any of these have reached its peak and have not been addressed as soon as possible, there is a huge chance that you could acquire the dangerous virus.

If you really want to be extra sure, don’t be afraid or hesitant to ask about your partner’s medical certificate. It is for your own safety. It is also best to just really sleep with one person so you know who would have infected you in case you have acquired some STD. If you go out in random, that is going to be more difficult to find out. Make an effort today to take extra care of yourself especially in the sex department.

How To Survive Cancer

iStock_000018627375MediumCancer is known to be a deadly disease but the good news is that lots of people now have had survived from it and are living normally after their medication. Prevention is still better than cure of course, but some could be hereditary and most of cancer still has no cure. Although technically, there really is no known and exact cure for it, there are ways to survive it and undergo treatment so cancer patients could be alleviated from their pain. It is a very painful disease according to cancer victims and anything that would ease their pain would be a lot of help.

If you don’t have the money to go under such expensive treatment like chemotherapy, cobalt and the like, your best chance of surviving is having a complete healthy lifestyle. From now on, make a vow to only eat organic and healthy food. Get your daily dose of protein from grains since meat especially the red ones could trigger the cancer in your body, at least in most cases. Create a complete change of food lifestyle and you will see great effects in your body. Make it a point to drink berries everyday as well. Berry juices are very good in fighting cancer especially the ones that grow on top of the mountains like the Himalayan goji berry.

Alternative medicine is also good although not always recommended by the doctors, but you will be amazed on how many testimonials from cancer patients are out there saying that this form of medicine has helped them get through it survive such life-threatening disease. Nothing is impossible if you will just focus now on eating healthy and totally scrape out all junk foods and vices in your lifestyle. Living outside the city is also another option because of the fresh air that you will need during recovery.

As much as possible, don’t hang out with people who will inject negative things in your head saying that it is impossible that you will even be cured. You don’t need those people in your life. Who you need are people who will support you and encourage you to fight for your life and eventually win a great battle. Being surrounded by the right people will help you get over the disease and survive cancer.

Meditation is also another possible venture for you because of the energy flow that gives your body. It also produces calmness and serenity in your mind so you are definitely going to be less stressed about it and the next thing you will know is that you are already out of the hospital and doing things like normal and healthy people are doing again.

Never lose hope as long as you are alive and with modern medicine and lots of alternative medicine that are now available, it is almost impossible not to be cured from it. We are all give one life to enjoy and live it to the fullest, and it doesn’t matter if you have cancer, live it without fear.

How to Avoid Weak Muscles and Joint

blood-vesselsAs the body ages the different functions tend to decrease and most often the first few parts of the body that show signs of aging would be the condition of the joints and muscles but luckily there are ways to help keep these at a minimum.

Weakness and deteriorated functioning of the muscles and joints can be helped as long as helpful tips and information are considered and practiced on a regular, and being able to accomplish these tasks will ensure that these body parts do not malfunction too early on in life.

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Meals

The idea that eating and healthy and nutritious meals may fall too general or vague but what is ideal in this scenario is sharing the knowledge that eating is a must and is not at all a negotiable condition especially since the body relies on a lot of these fuels of energy to be able to keep the systems functioning at optimal levels.

It is all within the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that the health and wellness of the muscles and joints will rely in order to work properly, so be wary of sudden decreases of nutrition as the body may be very well affected when this happens.

Challenge the Body through the Right Type of Exercise

One of the best exercises that really increase the potential of the muscles and joints are resistance or weigh training programs which engage the ability of the entire body to bare not just the body’s weight but also additional resistance.

Carefully planned programs and exercises that involve weights and resistance should always be taken with extra caution especially for those who have zero knowledge about it – seeking the professional help of certified personal fitness trainers may be necessary in order to reach the target goal of strengthened muscles and joints.

Take Supplements But Only When Necessary

This is especially applicable for those who already suffer from an early deterioration of function, which usually happens to those who have had years and years of extensive activities that have caused the joints and muscles enough wear and tear.

Look into asking your physician if there are supplements and other medications that can be taken in order to halt the changes that are happening or to regain the normal functioning of these body parts since some of these often also aid in still keeping up with performance.

Realize the Importance of Rest and Recuperation

The strength and best functions of both the muscles and joints last for years and years unfortunately there are certain practices during the younger years of life that often contribute to the future function of these parts.

Those who do not take rest and recuperation as a serious matter often pay for this lacking factor when a certain age is reached because these are the times when the muscles and joints experience injuries, irritations and even pain.

The strengthening of muscles and joints must always be considered at an early age but proper caution must always be taken as too much too soon will lead to adverse effects that haunt us in the future.