Healthy Social Lifestyle

shutterstock_1770171621It is not healthy to go through this life alone without any friends at all. But of course, you still must be careful of the company you keep. Your social life is just as important as your health and it helps in actually giving you a good and healthy lifestyle. This could keep you away from depression and losing your mind given the fact that you are with the right and good crowd. Always surround yourself with positive people who will lift your spirits up and bring you good vibes. Don’t hang out with people who will just judge you and backstab you, they are not your real friends.

These days, it is so hard to find who your real friends are. With the rise of social media and everything has been all about material living, real friends are so hard to be distinguished when you yourself have also been covered with the fads of these days. There is really only one way to find out and that is when you have reached your lowest point in life. Sadly, not all of your so-called friends and not even your Facebook friends would be there for you when that happens.

But if you ever hit rock bottom and one friend rises to the occasion to help you get back on your feet, cherish that person for the rest of your life because that is the one true friend that everybody would love to have. It doesn’t matter if you are only left one genuine friend. You don’t need a million friends when all of them are fake. This is important in your life because most of the people who have been depressed didn’t have real friends in their lives to back them up.

It cuts both ways though, this means you should always be willing to be there to your friends at their lowest point in life. You can’t just be there with them because they are fun during parties. Real life problems are real life situations that would test your friendship and your genuine social status with the people around you. It is not easy determining each of these people in the good times and it is sad that one day you will discover that not all of them have been real to you to begin with and most of them have just been using you.

But there’s no reason to be sad when that day finally happens. Be happy and rejoice that amidst all the fake ones, there came a real one who would stand by you when you needed a real friend. It is disappointing and frustrating at first but you will get used to it eventually and realized that it is life. Genuine friendships are hard to find but when you do, they could really last a lifetime and you would be forever grateful. So go out there and make friends still, you will never know who your real friend is anyway unless you try and find them.