Useful Exercises for Beginner Health Buffs

what-fitness-exercises-give-instant-results2Going to the gym or visiting the local park, often these beginner health buffs are ones to watch out for because most of them seem to know what they want, which is to stay healthy and strong, but unfortunately it is the poor form that gives away their beginner status.

If you feel you belong to this common group of beginners that consider themselves to be health buffs even if they have just started a regular exercise program, some of the exercises explained below may just be the best ones you will ever do.

Push-ups: Helping to increase muscular endurance and even strength, push-ups are considered to be one of the more classic exercises that have been used for so many generations but yet has established enough benefits to the physique that a lot of people still perform it despite some who do so sloppily.

Tips for the best push-up: Always gain stability first as soon as the entire body is already pushed up and entirely away from the floor, this gives enough time to engage not just the arms but as well as the chest, abdominals, lower back and the legs.

Squats: Not a lot of people are able to appreciate the health benefits that come with correctly performing the squats, even despite the fact that it not only firms up and leans out the muscles of the legs, but it also engages the abdominals and the whole back.

Tips for the best squat: Make sure to plant the feet firmly on the floor because this ensures the stability of the movement from start to finish – some would find it difficult to stabilize the movement and opt to keep the angle of the hip and buttocks way too high, ensure that in performing squats the hip joint and knee joints are at the same parallel level (or are at least 90 degrees of flexion).

Sit-ups: Considered to be another useful exercise that can be done by beginners who often do not use exercise tools and equipment, sit-ups are still known to provide enough muscular strengthening and endurance especially for the abdominal muscles.

Tips for the best sit-up: Get the entire body working to accomplish each repetition because one of the immediate form violations for the sit-ups is lifting the feet of the floor – use an alternative stance that is Pilates inspired and instead of bending the knees and keeping the feet flat on the floor go for extended legs with pointed toes, this engages not just the abdominals but also the leg muscles.

Burpees: Deemed to be one of the most popular body weight exercises of this time the burpees (which is technically a combination of squats, push-ups and a jump) are a whole body exercise drill that incorporates all the big muscle groups of the legs, arms and core.

Tips for the best burpees: Go for speed and power for each repetition and make sure to put in enough bursts of energy so that the momentum of the movement is not put to a halt and so that an entire set is continually accomplished.